EPC / Turnkey Projects


EPC/Turnkey construction companies offer services to their clients across the complete life cycle of a project including planning, front end engineering, budgeting and to the execution phases of detailed engineering, procurement and construction activities, through to the operational phase by providing maintenance and upgrade services. There are a number of ways an engineering and construction company can be contracted into a project.

Our directory listings are organized around the contracts they execute including Feasibility Studies, FEED Contracts, EPC Contracts, EPCm Contracts, EPCI Contracts, Design and Build Contracts, Early Civil Works Contracts.

BWI breezing in the path to become a well-established full-service construction company. Located in Chennai, our team of professionals, provide an advice and services to our client base, covering all aspects of planning, design and construction

In keeping with our desire to be known as ‘the best EPC company’, we distinguish ourselves through our

  • Value-added technical expertise
  • Innovative engineering solutions
  • Quality-certified systems and standards
  • Safety and environmental considerations
  • Client-conscious approach
  • Commitment to cost and time schedules

The company also has a pool of experienced and skilled workers in its employment.


Design & Build services

  • Architecture
    • Conceptual plan
    • Master Plan
    • Interior & Exterior design
  • Structural
    • Civil structural
    • Steel & PEB Structural
  • Electrical
    • Transformers
    • HT & LT Panels
    • Cabling
    • DG Sets
    • ATS
    • UPS Systems
    • Static Transfer Switches
    • Earthing
    • Internal & External Electrification
  • Mechanical
    • Process piping
    • Piping Layouts, Stress Analysis, Isometrics etc
    • Tanks, Vessels, Heat Exchangers & Columns
    • Plumbing & Sewerage
  • Fire Protection services
    • Fire Hydrant and Wet Riser System
    • Sprinkler System
    • Water Spray System (HVW and MVW)
    • Pre-Action System
    • Gas based Fire Suppression System like CO2 System, Clean Agent System and Inert Gas System
    • Fire Detection and Alarm System
    • Public Address System
  • HVAC
    • Central Chilled water Plant systems
    • DX System / VRV systems
    • Thermal storage system
    • Ventilation system and evaporative cooling systems, roof extractors and jet fan systems
    • Air Conditioning
    • Clean room technology for micro electronics, micro mechanics and pharma
    • District Cooling System
    • Heat recovery and desiccant cooling systems
  • Procurement Services
    • Vendor Evaluation
    • Purchasing
    • Expediting
    • Inspection / Quality Control
    • Logistics
    • Statutory approvals
  • Building Management systems, and Infrastructure works
  • Project Management & Construction services
  • Modernisation of Plants